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Dionisia Pacquiao's Biography

Most commonly known to many as: Dionisia Pacquiao
Full name: Dionisia Dapigran Pacquiao

   Nanay Dionisia (in English Mommy Dionisia)
   Aling Dionisia (in English Mom Dionisia)
   Mommy “D”

Manny Pacquiao's Mom Dionisia Pacquiao was born on May 15, 1949, she is considered to be the Philippines most popular mother celebrity today.  Not just because she is the mother of Manny Pacquiao.  But she also has a strong personality that was able to weather the storm.  She proved that a life story of rags to riches is achievable.  When she was asked, “if she knows that she is very popular now?”  Her answer: “Yes,” then she laughed.  “Manny even said I am more popular than him, I said to him there is no Manny if there is no Mommy.” One of the changes of being popular is that she gets kidnap threats and death threats.  She said: “unlike before when I was poor, I’m confident to walk alone since there is no threat, but now I have 4 body guards.”
     Dionisia Pacquiao didn’t want Manny to box.  This was the reason why Manny kept his training secret when he was starting as an amateur.  She said, “No parent would want to see their son engaging in a brutal fight inside the ring.” But she understands how powerless parental desires can be.  Her dream was to see Manny becoming a priest.

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»Name And Full Name
»Personal Life
»Will Dionisia reunite with her 1st or 2nd husband?
»60th birthday party
»Hermes bag
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Personal Life Of Dionisia Pacquiao
     Manny Pacquiao probably got his fighting spirit from his mother.  Because, Dionisia was able to bounce back after a stumble.  Three times she was abandoned by men she loved:  first by her father, second by her 1st husband Alfonso Silvestre and third by her 2nd husband Rosalio Pacquiao.
     They were still young when their father walked out of their home.  Dionisia’s mother, Cristina Mejia Dapigran, single-handedly carried the responsibilities of rearing and supporting the needs of all her nine children.  The third in a brood of nine, Dionesia admitted, it was her mother who instilled in her the value of hardwork, fortitude, patience and strong faith in God.
     She was pregnant with her second child, Domingo Silvestre, when her first husband, Alfonso Silvestre, left her for another woman.
     For four years Dionisia waited for Alfonso Silvestre to come home, until she finally decided to marry again.  In 1975 she met Rosalio Pacquiao.  She even said “If I had not remarried, there would have been no Manny Pacquiao today.  They were gifted with 4 children - Isidra Pacquiao, Manny Pacquiao, Alberto "Bobby" Pacquiao and Rogelio Pacquiao.
     After being married for almost 20 years Rosalio Pacquiao and Dionisia Pacquiao got separated.  This is when Rosalio started to work in another town.  Dionisia discovered that her husband was living with another woman.  Despite the betrayal, Dionisia kept the pain to herself and taught her children to continue respecting their father. The children, especially Manny, grew up wishing that their father would return. Dionisia and the children never stopped loving Rosalio.

Will Dionisia reunite with her 1st or 2nd husband?
     There is no news about Dionisia’s 1st husband Alfonso Silvestre.
     There are rumors that Dionisia and Rosalio are reunited.  They were back in each other’s arms, but only for a while and only for Manny.
     Dionisia and Rosalio flew together to the US to watch the Pacquiao-Cotto fight to support their son.  This is Rosalio’s first time to watch Manny fight live in the world arena. It is Dionisia’s second time. Dionisia never watched Manny fight. She would lock herself up in a room; get on her knees in fervent prayer, until word about the fight’s outcome is whispered to her. The first time she watched was when Manny faced Ricky Hatton.
     Manny Pacquiao proudly announced his father’s coming as reporters watched him train in the Wild Card gym.
     This is not the first time that Manny will see his father after his parents separated. Dionisia has likewise seen him again during Manny’s preparations before his fight with Mexican Erik “El Terible” Morales, also in Las Vegas.
     Manny’s parents met by chance at the dxBB RGMA Super Radyo station after more than 15 long years. Dionisia asked her former husband to continue loving and praying for their children. Manny, however, was not around to witness the scene, the fulfillment of his long-held wish for their parents to be reunited. That evening, at Manny’s home, the former couple once again hugged each other on national Philippine television over GMA’s news program 24 Oras.
     Right after his victory against the Erik Morales, Manny was reunited with his estranged father after 15 years. They met at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Dionisia and Manny’s two sons were also there to see the father and son reunion.  Manny was reported to have been very happy to see his parents together.
     Before Manny’s bout with Morales, he called his father. That was the night when Rosalio and Dionisia were together in Manny’s residence for the GMA news coverage.  Rosalio told Manny on the phone that they (he and Dionisia) have already reconciled and that they may have long separated but there is no love lost. Dionisia has always been open to reunite with her separated husband but was reported to have said that if Rosalio wants to come back, he will have to leave his new wife and children behind. Manny’s father already has a new family. Dionisia, who is now also a celebrity, said she’s resigned to the fact that she has no luck in love.

     Aside from commercial endorsement, Dionisia appears as a guest on TV shows.  One example of TV guest of Dionisia is Pinoy (in English Filipino) Big Brother: Double up, this is a Philippine version of the reality TV show Big Brother.  Dionisia entered in house B to teach an exercise routine to the housemates. In addition, since Dionisia took up ballroom dancing.  House B learned some ballroom dancing from Dionisia as well.  Toni Gonzaga (host of Pinoy Big Brother: Double up) mentioned, “Mommy D is like a walking jewelry store”.  Because when Dionisia entered house B, she was glittering with jewelries.  Manny loves his mother that he pampered her.  Some jewelry makers/store will let Dionisia borrow some jewelry and if she likes it Manny will buy it.
     Dionisia’s debut movie is Ang Tanging Pamilya, a Filipino version of Meet the Fockers.  Ang Tanging Pamilya was directed by: Wenn V Deramas, Writers: Kriz Gazmen and Zig Marasigan with actors and actresses: Ai-Ai de las Alas, Toni Gonzaga, Sam Milby, Candy Pangilinan, Thou Reyes and Former President Joseph Estrada.  In this movie Toni Gonzaga and Sam Milby are about to get married.  Like typical Filipino wedding planning the family of the groom and bride should also have a part in planning on what is best for their child.  This end up with an argument with the side of Dionisia and Ai-Ai de las Alas, on what should transpire on the wedding.

60th birthday party
     Dionisia said that “I was unable to have a debut party because we don’t have the money”.  On her 60th birthday, which was held last May 15, 2009, she enjoyed what she missed on her 18th birthday.  Around 400 guests were expected to attend the grand birthday bash, ranging from politicians, celebrities and famous personalities.  Dionisia will be wearing 5 different gowns in her birthday, which she all bought in the United States of America when she went there for the Pacquiao-Hatton fight.  She’ll be celebrating her birthday just like any other debut, complete with 18 candles, 18 roses and 18 wishes, with surprise guests and dancing numbers from her.
     This is a dream come true for Dionisia as she asked all of this from his son Manny Pacquiao as a birthday gift for her.

Hermes Bag
     Dionisia is excited to hear from her daughter in-law Jinkee that said “after the Mosley fight they will come home to General Santos City and they will bring her a Herm├Ęs bag as one of the many gifts for her 62nd birthday." Reportedly the bag is worth 1million pesos. Dionisia didn’t ask for jewelries from Manny because she has plenty already. But she asked her son again to retire from boxing. Since he has more than enough to live comfortably and his children’s future are secured. He has businesses and all of his hard work, as a boxer didn’t go to waste.